Even if we don’t deliver for you, we can easily submit your documents for Clearance with SARS (South Africa Revenue Services) for declaration.

We can forward or re-direct you shipment from Sea to Air and Road for your convenient by linking all the services together for simplicity and flexibility.

Our fleet of truck leave our warehouse with deliveries across South Africa and into other African countries. Our road freight stretches all the way to Democratic Republic of Congo.

Major sea lines have regular loads to our Durban and Cape Town port, which mean we can conveniently clear and forward you goods to other major port around the world.

Shipping to all destinations around the world for your convenience, with passenger and cargo planes leaving O.R Tambo International Airport on a daily basis.

We offer warehousing facility where we can store goods until a clients can arrange for collections at a reasonable price. Fridge/Freezers are also available for storage of perishables.

Combining different client loads to make a full load for transportation also offer clients the benefit of saving money, as they will only pay their own good instead of paying for extra space that is unused. Together with our partners we ensure that we keep our clients happy at all times.